Life is a reflection of our actions.

These actions, initiated by inspiration and guided by motivation, define who we are, and are sustained only through habit.

Welcome! I am Sasha Job, the creator of Inspiring Habits. We are founded on the belief that life gets better through change, not through chance. Our vision at Inspiring Habits is to inspire positive change in others to guide them in living healthy and fulfilling lifestyles.

My life is most productive when I am inspired, and most fulfilling when I am inspiring.

Maintaining a healthy weight and sustaining a healthy lifestyle has always been a challenge for me. In 2007, I finally acknowledged that I was overweight. A health check followed and I learnt that I was morbidly obese, hypertensive, suffered from sleep apnoea and was clinically depressed. I was 19 years of age.

Setting many personal goals, taking control of my life and committing to a positive –and permanent – lifestyle change, ensured that I successfully lost 52kg. This achievement saw me crowned the 2010 Weight Watchers' Slimmer of the Year, and a whirlwind of coaching and media commitments followed.

At this time I had established my career as a senior physiotherapist, providing me with strong foundations in health, education and leadership. I realised that although I loved being a health professional (and still do!), there was more I had to offer. I discovered that inspiring positive change in others gave me a great sense of personal fulfilment. This inspired me to complete post graduate qualifications in adult education and found Inspiring Habits .

After achieving great success in weight loss, maintaining my weight began to consume me. It was a constant battle physically and emotionally. Following the birth of our first son, I was desperate to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I was fatigued, weak and anaemic and soon realised that my health was a reflection of counting calories and countless angst. I stopped counting and began focusing on how I felt. I ate real food and exercised because I enjoyed it. My measure of health was no longer a number on the scales, it was an incredible feeling of energy and radiance.

My husband and I are now extremely proud parents of two gorgeous boys. It is my hope that leading a healthy and relaxed lifestyle will inspire them to make positive choices, love life and embrace change.

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